Hire Me!

I started working as a writer in 1994 writing articles for local newspapers in my hometown. During the years 1996 to 2003 I wrote reviews and articles for several UK publications including IT and lifestyle magazines. I moved to Sweden in 2003 and started learning Swedish sporadically culminating in a Swedish as a second language (SASB) qualification in 2012. During my time spent in Gothenburg (2003-2008) I wrote for The Monthly Magazine and produced my own Swedish Islands guide to the archipelago. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 for a copywriting position where I stayed for four years. After this I worked freelance working as a copywriter for many small and large companies, producing copy or proofreading existing copy.

In 2012 I started to study creative writing and have continued to do so up until the present time. I have worked as a book translator (Swedish to English) for a publisher as well as a proofreader and editor for other nonfiction and short story projects. I have had work published in Two Thirds North and Aesthetica Magazine’s Creative Writing Annual, and have published several books including novels, a memoir, and short stories. I have also worked for Bonnier Education producing short stories and articles for their Clio portal.

I have a MA in Creative Writing, a BA in English Literature (which included a module in creative writing) and a BSc in International Relations. I have also studied Media (including a module in visual narratives and production).

If you have proofreading or editing work, or are seeking help with your creative writing projects, feel free to contact me for a quote. I have helped several publishers with their authors’ work and I can help you!