clock-white-1057106-640x480I aimed for A Decade in Sweden to be released on the 23rd November 2013 because that would have been exactly ten years to the day that I moved from the UK to Sweden. However, as the book wasn’t near completion near the deadline, I rushed to get it finished. This caused a number of mistakes to be made including not fully proofreading the finished manuscript, not obtaining my own ISBN, etc. The same can be said of Making Headlines although I didn’t impose a deadline on that project. The mistakes made in that book were just caused through complacency. These books were always going to be experimental in terms of me gaining experience in releasing books into the cosmos. In this respect, I gained a lot of valuable experience and learnt a lot of lessons. As an editor said to me: “you have to slow down a bit”, and I have taken this advice on-board and am more vigilant going forwards with new projects.