How I Learnt to Stop Missing England and Love the Herring or A Decade in SwedenI moved to Sweden in 2003 and was asked many questions by friends and relatives about what it was like to live here. So in 2006 I wrote an article called An Englishman in Little London for the Monthly magazine in Gothenburg about some of the experiences I had encountered, and to answer some of the questions folk back in the UK were asking. I then started to write the book from a first person perspective about my day-to-day life from 2003 onwards, but it didn’t work. I then decided to write it as a scrapbook of experiences that I had had and this seemed to work better. Of course, some of the events have been exaggerated for effect, and there are some errors and old information that only an edited and revised version can correct. This also raises the question if the book can be called non-fiction if some of the events have been slightly altered. Despite this, the events of the book did and do happen, and nothing written in the book is intended to be insulting towards the UK or Sweden. It’s simply a book about how I live now compared to how I lived then.